Winter sports- Bulgarian ski resort

Borovets (known until 1942. as Chamkoria ) is the oldest Bulgarian winter resort. Its history dates back to 1896., When King Ferdinand built a summer residence and hunting lodges. Following his  example  and other wealthy people from the capital and major cities soon began to build villas for vacation there . In the 60s and 70s of the 20th century, the resort has grown by building hotels and alpine winter sports facilities.Today Borovets is the biggest and  class mountain resort in Bulgaria, situated on the northern slopes of Rila mountain, at the foot of Mount Musala (2925m). It is nestled among pine forests at altitudes of between 1,230 – 1,390 m.,Read more…


How to be happy

Are we happy is not a matter of what or whom we have in life but the ability to be in the present here and now, be yourself and let the things we love to be manifest in our lives.

Happiness is not a matter of factс – the presence or absence of something or someone in our lives but in relation to the facts.

Attitude that is in us, and that reflects the reality bending the facts in the wide range of emotions – anger, frustration, sadness, despair, or love, gratitude, joy, satisfaction. Each of us has at least 100 reasons to be unhappy right now. And at least 200 to be happy. Read more ..

Addicted to internet

addictedFor some time ,addiction to the Internet is considered to be entirely separate disease, according to doctors. As new disease has a strong scientific interest in an attempt to determine whether it does not lead to any physiological changes in the brain. Chinese and American scientists conducted a specific study to understand in detail what are the consequences of the disease.
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Psychosomatic diseases and relationships

In 1818, the German physician Haynrot opined that all organic diseases are caused by mental disorders. At that time he was ridiculed because it examined Psychosomatics, and called his approach as a branch of medical science.
Even Socrates in the V century BC thought that there is no disease of the body, separate from the soul. Plato, student of Socrates, wrote: “The big mistake is that bodily and mental diseases are treated by different doctors.Read more..